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Stop Cheques

You can stop your cheques online any time.  Perfect for when you wake up in the middle of the night realizing you paid the wrong guy.


Before you enter your stop payment, please check your account to make sure that the item has not already cleared. You cannot stop payment of a cleared item. There is a possibility that the item will have cleared but not appear in your account; in that case your stop payment will not be valid.  You must complete all the information requested. If the information is not complete and fully accurate, the stop payment may not be effective.


To create a stop on a cheque, do the following:


  • Login to Edam Online Banking.

  • Click on the 'Account Services' tab on the blue menu bar on the left side of the screen. 

  • Click the 'Stop Cheques' link.

  • Read and acknowledge the Stop Payment Disclaimer and Indemnity.

  • Click the 'Create a Stop Cheque' link, followed by the 'Single Cheque' link.

  • Select the 'Chequing Account' the cheque is drawn on.

  • Select the 'Reason for Creating Stop'.

  • Specify the 'Cheque Date'.

  • Enter the name of the payee in the 'Payee' box.

  • Specify the 'Cheque Number'.

  • Enter the 'Cheque Amount'.

  • Click 'Submit'.


Note: Stopping a cheque is not the same as stopping a pre-authorized payment.  Please contact our office for help with pre-authorized payments.


By entering the stop payment you agree to hold the credit union harmless for all costs, damages, expenses and liability which may arise from the stop payment or the honouring or failure to honour it, whether a result of inadvertence, accident, equipment failure or otherwise.


Please note: If you need to stop a cheque written on a US Account, please Contact Us for help.



Account Services via Online Banking


Order Cheques

Did you know that you can order your cheques through Online Banking? 

Just follow these steps and we'll have them ready for you lickety-split.


  • Simply login to Edam's Online Banking as usual.  

  • Click on the 'Account Services' tab on the blue menu bar on the left side of the screen. 

  • Select the 'Order Cheques' link and complete the fields provided, click 'Continue'.

  • Verify the information on the Order Cheques screen and click 'Submit'.

Business members unfortunately can't order business cheques online at this time. Please give us a call or visit our office to order cheques for your business account.

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