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Additional Services Offered at the Edam Credit Union

24 Hour ATM (cash dispenser) is coveniently located in our vestibule.

  • Make cash withdrawals at your convenience

  • no extra surcharge fees or transaction fees will apply

Wire Transfers provide a secure, quick method to send money to other financial institutions. 

  • They are typically used when sending large amounts of money within Canada or when sending money outside of Canada

  • Fees apply

Pre-Authorized Transfers provide a great way to have a specific amount of money transferred, on a regular basis, to any account at the Edam Credit Union. 

  • You choose the frequency that best suits you

  • A great option to make loan payments

  • No fees apply

Bill Payments  can be made at the branch or through MemberDirect® Online Banking. Learn more

  • utility and credit card payments, government remittances and many other bill payment vendors can be paid using our bill payment system

  • $2 per bill when payment is made at branch, free when payment is made using MemberDirect®.

Bank Drafts/Certified Cheques

  • They offer a convenient and secure method of making payment, particularly if funds are to be mailed

  • They provide the recipient with guaranteed funds

  • Available in Canadian, U.S. and other international currencies

  • Fees apply

Safety Deposit Boxes provide a secure, fire proof location for your important documents and valuables.


1.5" X 5"

2.5" X 5"

2.5" X 10"

5" X 5"

Lost Key

Drilling Box

$30.00 per year

$40.00 per year

$50.00 per year

$50.00 per year

cost + $20.00

cost + $20.00

Night Depository is located on the front of the building for easy access, even after the office is closed.

  • Make deposits at your convenience and they will be deposited to your account the next business day

  • No fees apply

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