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Collabria MasterCard AutoPay is now Available!!

This great feature allows members to have their monthly credit card payments automatically withdrawn from their bank account.

Two payment options are available for cardholders who sign up for AutoPay:

  • Minimum payment amount - The minimum payment amount shown on the last credit card statement is automatically withdrawn on the Payment Due Date from the member’s bank account each month and paid to their credit card.

  • Full balance - The full balance shown on the last statement is automatically withdrawn from the member’s bank account each month on the Payment Due Date and paid to their credit card account.

To access the Automatic Payments self-serve option in MyCardInfo: 

Note - if you have not yet enrolled in the MyCardInfo self-serve option, you will need to do so.  If you need assistance with this, feel free to contact our office at any time.

1. Login to MyCardInfo.
2. Hover over the "Payments" tab.

3. Select the Automatic Payments link from the drop-down menu.  
The Automatic Payments page will display. 

Note: Cardholders will be prompted to confirm their email address every 180 days. 


Complete the following fields to complete the enrollment process: 
1. Select a payment option from the drop down menu.
2. Select the account type (chequing or savings) from the drop-down menu.
3. Enter routing number and account number.
4. Click SUBMIT.

Note: To edit the auto pay information, select the appropriate option from the pull-down menu and make changes, or choose ‘Automatic Payments Disabled’ to cancel auto payments.

When the cardholder receives their billing statement, the following line will appear under the payment
information field: 
“<Payment Amount> will be deducted from your account and credited as your automatic payment on <Date>”

If you do not wish to enroll in the MyCardInfo self-serve option, you may call Collabria Cardholder Services at 1-855-341-4643 for assistance to enroll in this great feature!! 

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