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Member Card® Debit Card

How to pay cash without carrying cash!  And with the new Interac® Flash feature paying just got easier. Your debit card is the key to all of your accounts and info through our electronic channels.  Learn more



     Credit Cards

Want to buy now and pay later? Or earn rewards that can be redeemed for travel?

Whether you're a student looking to build credit, or a long-time credit card holder, Edam Credit Union has a card to fit YOUR wallet. Learn more

Collabria AutoPay now Available - Learn More

Protecting your PIN

Our CHIP enhanced debit and credit cards help you make your payments safer.  Follow these cardholder safety TIPs to do your part to help protect you from fraud. Learn more

Our debit and credit cards contain an embedded computer chip that gives the card the ability to store and process data. Chip cards and chip terminals work together to ensure a highly secure transaction by validating the card and the cardholder. The computer chip makes cards more difficult to copy, thereby reducing counterfeit fraud.

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