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Insurance - For members looking to protect their current lifestyle


Sometimes you can feel helpless against the risks you and your family can face in today's world.  We are committed to providing our members with options to customize your insurance protection to fit your needs.  Through our partnership with Wealth Services for Innovation Credit Union we are happy to introduce our Wealth Protection Specialist, Ali Schmidt from Credential Financial Strategies Inc.  Ali truly understands how important your family's safety and well-being is.


Credential Financial Strategies Inc. can offer a full range of insurance products

through multiple different companies:


  • Life insurance

  • Critical illness insurance

  • Disability insurance

  • Dental and medical coverage

  • Travel insurance

  • Insurance planning


Ali can help to identify what type of protection fits your needs. Developing an insurance plan isn't about high-pressure sales tactics; it's about designing a plan that protects you and your family. We'd love to help you get started today.



* Important Aviso Wealth Inc. Disclaimer and Disclosure

Ali Schmidt, CFP, EPC
Wealth Protection Specialist
Credential Financial Strategies Inc.

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