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Account Activity:

Once logged in to Edam Online Banking, from the My Accounts/Account Summary page, click on any of your accounts and you will be taken to the Account Activity screen where you will find the Search Account Activity section that allows you to choose the following:


  • A specified date range of transactions (set to the last 15 days by default)

  • A particular month of transaction history


Cheque Images:

The cheque image function of Edam Online Banking allows you to see cheques written and processed through your account. Links to your cheque images are included on your Account Activity details on the Account Activity screen. Simply click on the cheque you'd like to review and you can see both the front and back of it.


Download Account Activity to your Accounting Program for Easy Reconciling:

  • From the Account Activity screen, if you click on 'Advanced Options', you can:

    • Choose which statement items to show, such as bill payments, deposits or cheques

    • Choose a format to view your account activity including the option to download to an accounting program such as Quickbooks


Rename Accounts:

You can easily rename your accounts online to something more meaningful. For example, you might choose to name your Savings account "Vacation account".

  • Log in to Edam Online Banking.

  • Under the 'My Accounts' tab, select 'Rename Accounts' on the blue menu bar on the left side of the screen.

  • Select the account you would like to change the name of.

  • Enter the New Account Name and click 'Continue'.

  • Verify and click 'Submit'.



Manage My Accounts via Online Banking

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