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Mobile/Text Banking

Text banking gives you access to your account information anytime, anywhere using text messaging commands on your mobile phone.

How can text banking help me?

  • Check your account balances.

  • View recent transactions on your accounts.

  • Use simple text messaging commands to access your accounts.


How do I sign up for text banking?

If you have a mobile phone from a Canadian carrier that supports text messaging, and an Edam Online Banking account, signing up is easy:

  • Log in to Edam Online Banking.

  • Click the 'Account Services' tab on the blue menu bar on the left side of the screen.

  • Then select 'Manage Mobile Banking'.

  • Add your mobile phone information.

  • Confirm your Passcode and select your accounts for mobile access.



What text message commands can I use?

Check out the list of keyword commands you can text to MONEY(66639) to receive account information on your mobile phone.

ACT - For the account activity of your primary account

ACT <account nickname> - For the account activity of a specific account

BAL - For the balance of your primary account

BAL ALL - For the balances of all your accounts

BAL <account nickname> - For the balance of a specific account

DISABLE - To temporarily disable your phone

HELP - For contact info and a list of commands

INFO - For info about Mobile Banking

NICK - For a list of nicknames for registered accounts

STOP - To permanently delete your phone

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