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Investment Plan - Mutual Funds

We are committed to providing our members with investment options suited to their individual needs. Today, more and more people are turning to mutual funds as a way to save for a secure financial future. Through our partnership with Wealth Services for Innovation Credit Union we can offer you  professional money management through Credential Asset Management Inc. mutual funds* .


If you are interested in learning more about mutual funds - or to begin investing today - please contact our office  to schedule an appointment with our designated Wealth Specialist, Hayden Friedrich.  Hayden will be happy to meet with you in the convenience of our own office!


Hayden can offer a full range of investment products through Mutual Funds. Some examples are Registered Retirement Savings Plans(RRSP), Tax Free Savings Plans, Registered Pension Transfers, Registered Education Savings Plans, Registered Disability Savings Plans and Tax Efficient Non-Registered Investing.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment

to learn more about Mutual Funds - or to begin investing today!

Hayden Friedrich, B.I.B.
Wealth Specialist
Credential Asset Management Inc.


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