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Non-Registered: Fixed Term Deposits

Minimum Deposit $1000

1 - 5 year terms

Redeemable prior to maturity with a 2% penalty

Competitive rates guaranteed for the term


Non-Registered: Mutual Funds

Offered through Credential® Asset Management



Contact us today to find out how you can begin saving for a rainy day!

Non-Registered Accounts

Non-Registered Accounts are simple and flexible; there is no special tax treatment within a non-registered account, all income is taxable as it is earned. Non-registered accounts are available as personal or joint accounts. A Non-Registered Account is an excellent way to save for special purchases, establish emergency funds, or to create additional retirement savings.


This is a secure, worry-free investment option allowing members who do not require access to their funds for a specified period of time to earn a higher rate of interest.


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