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Our Beliefs........

Our Vision


To provide our members with excellent financial service


Our Mission


  • To provide financial products and services that are delivered with the highest standard of excellence, integrity and professionalism

  • To remain a viable, member controlled financial institution dedicated to co-operative principles responsive to the social and economic needs of our members

  • To develop the credit union and its services to meet the changing needs of our members and their communities


Our Organizational Values


Service and Product Excellence

Our credit union is committed to providing a broad range of quality products that best meet our members’ needs.  Our professionally trained employees provide courteous service and quality advice to each member.


Integrity, Honesty, Professional and Ethical Conduct

We earn the loyalty and trust of our members by dealing with them in an open, honest and respectful manner.  We utilize our strengths and treat our members and each other with respect and professionalism.


Co-operative Principles and Philosophy

We are a member-owned, democratically controlled organization that recognizes our community’s diversity.  We are responsive to the needs of our membership and are committed to our community.


Community Involvement and Impact

Our decisions have an impact on the well-being of our community and our membership.  We present a positive image to the community by sponsoring community projects through the involvement of board and staff members.



We are committed to ensuring that the needs of our members and our community come first by retaining local decision making.


Financial Performance and Productivity

We are committed to achieving a stable and financially secure organization for the benefit and security of our membership in an ever changing marketplace.


Employee Satisfaction

We respect our employees and their contribution to our success.  Employee involvement and participation is recognized and rewarded.  We support employee development by providing training and educational opportunities while respecting their need to balance personal and professional lives.


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