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Our Difference........



We have a lot to be proud of at Edam Credit Union.  We're rooted in the past but growing strong in new directions, offering members innovative core financial services as well as investment, insurance and planning services that are second to none.


In all we do, we remain dedicated to the credit union philosophy.  What does this mean?  We believe in putting people first- members are the driving force behind our credit union.  Our priority is to always have our members best interests in mind and to treat our members as they expect and deserve to be treated.  We put members before profit.  We actively support our community.  We strengthen the local economy.  We provide above-average jobs.  Whether on the front line or behind the scenes, our employees are outstanding.  We are proud to salute them, and confident in their ability to keep us moving ahead.


It goes back to our originating co-operative principles and values.  When you join Edam Credit Union, you're a member and an owner in your credit union.  You pick who leads your credit union and you vote on the big decisions.  It's your money, after all.


When you choose to deal with us, you make us stronger.  And when we're stronger, our communities and members reap the rewards.  Become a member today.

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