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2020 Staff Picture.jpg

Staff of the Edam Credit Union (Left - Right)


Back Row:

Ross Houston, General Manager, 2013; Glenda Weber, Loans Officer, 2002; Wanda Mosimann, Office Manager, 2002;

Cheryl Nicodemus, Loans Officer, 2013             


Front Row:

Paulette Pavka, Member Service Supervisor, 2006; Melodie Nedelec, MSR, 2011;  Heather Levasseur, MSR, 2019; 

Edith Shewchuk, MSR, 2005; Lisa Pelchat, Finance and Compliance, 2008

Service to members first is the highest priority of your credit union.

Even though we have a variety of titles and job descriptions, each employee knows that “service to our membership is what we are about”.  We work hard to provide financial solutions to enhance the economic and social well being of our members and our community.


Responsibility:  As a member of the board, a director is in a position of trust to ultimately ensure that the credit union is managed and operated in a sound and prudent manner.


Purpose of Position:  As a member of the board, a director acts to establish meaningful strategic direction for the credit union that effectively serves the membership’s interests while promoting long-term growth and financial stability.

Board of Directors of the Edam Credit Union (Left-Right)

Back Row:

Lee Monteith, 2005; John Grant, 2016; Shawn Blais, 2019


Front Row:

Heidi Potter-Jamieson, 2018; Ryan Roach (President), 2017; Larry McDaid (Vice President), 1974

Missing From Photo:

Robert Goodall, 2017; Darcy deMontarnal, 2017; Blair St. Amant, 2019


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