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Protecting your PIN


You can help keep your money safe by protecting your personal identification number (PIN) and following these guidelines:

  • Use your hand, body or other blocking method such as a piece of paper or envelope to shield your PIN when you are conducting transactions at an ATM or at a point of sale (POS)machine.

  • Never let your card out of your sight when conducting a transaction at the point of sale. Only allow your card to be swiped once and always remember to take your card and transaction record with you once your transaction is completed.

  • Regularly check your statements and balances to verify all transactions have been properly documented.

  • If your card is lost, stolen or retained by an ATM, report it immediately:

For your Member Card® Debit Card

During regular office hours contact our office at 306-397-2242

After hours contact Everlink at 1-888-277-1043

  • Never disclose your PIN to anyone or you could be liable for any losses. You are the only person who should know it. Keep your card in a safe place and never lend it to anyone, including family and friends.

  • Memorize your PIN – it’s your electronic signature. If you suspect that someone knows your PIN, change it immediately.

  • When selecting your PIN, never use obvious information. You could be liable for losses if you create your PIN by using your telephone number, date of birth, address or social insurance number.

  • Be aware of any changes regarding the look of the device you are using. Has it changed in any manner that might indicate a skimming device is attached? Report any changes to Edam Credit Union or the owner of the device.

  • Only conduct transactions when and where you feel secure. If anyone tries to distract you, complete what you are doing and retrieve your card before doing anything else. If you cannot retrieve your card, call Edam Credit Union immediately.

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